Email Etiquette
1. Use a professional email address. is much more professional than

2. Always address the person you are writing.

3. In a professional email, it is not appropriate to use shortened language or symbols. Follow the rules. Use correct grammar, spelling and punctuation.

4. Use a generic font, like Arial or Times New Roman. Keep it simple and easy to read. Don’t go smaller than size 10 for the font. If you want to get creative, do so in your email signature, but again, make sure this is clear and readable.

5. If you are providing a cover letter and résumé, it is generally a good idea to paste the documents into the email. Attachments can contain viruses, and the person receiving your documents is not likely to know that you are a trusted source. Be sure to check that your documents are formatted correctly after you paste them in. It is also a good idea to reference the fact that both documents are pasted and you will gladly provide attachments if requested.

6. Thank the person to whom you are writing.

7. Provide your name and contact details.
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